• Terms of use

    1. lalalocker are available to users only if users agree with the rules below.
    2. Users can only leave and reclaim luggage during the provider’s business hours.
    3. If the storage period is overdue the register time, another storage period also applies to the standard of the price.
    4. If the storage period is overdue 0:00 a.m, over time will be calculated additional day
    5. The space provider reserves the right to inspect luggage. If users refuse the request, the space provider may also refuse the service.
    6. Users need to keep “Reclaim Document”. With any reason, users should not deliver Reclaim Document to any person and must reclaim their luggage in person.
    7. Dangerous substances and objects are prohibited such as narcotics, weapons, ammunition and contrabands.Cash, bills, stocks and other valuable securities or jewelry, antiques, works of art, precious metals and other precious things  are also not accepted for storage.
    8. The service is for storage only, please carry any valuable and critical items. lalalocker does not bear any luggage custody.
    9. In any case of accident, if the responsibility cannot be attributed to the loss of the luggage, lalalocker agree to bear the limited liability of NT$1000 according to the value of the luggage.
    10. If the storage period is overdue 5 days, lalalocker will charge extra fees and collect the luggage to designated place. Extra fees include the freight, the accrued storage fees before returning the luggage. If customer do not reclaim the luggage within 30 days after the first day of storage to designated place, lalalocker may deem the luggage as abandoned. lalalocker will not bear any liability.
    11. Using payment tools other than cash, you would be charge additional handing fee. The additional charge is not fixed depending on the service store.